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I was born in 1979, from the age of 6 I was diagnosed with autism. It was 1996 that I was diagnosed with High Functioning autism, “Asperger’s Syndromes”. My name is David, I am from Melbourne, Australia.


Back in February 2018, I was looking through social media to finally understand Asperger’s syndromes and autism. I was going through YouTube and I discovered that there were other people in the world through YouTube sharing their stories about being autistic by posting up YouTube video blogs. It became something that I really wanted to do.

From 25th May 2018, I had published my first ever autistic YouTube video blog as “Aspie With Attitude”. I had a good start, since then I just decided to keep posting video blogs explaining my point of view of being Autistic and what unique characteristics that my autism given me.

My first autistic video can be viewed once you click on that link. SENSORY WARNING: I wish to apologise for the sound being up too loud since it was at the time my first video that I have uploaded. You can see the video three months later how I eventually improved on things, my YouTube video three months later.

For almost six months from the beginning, I had managed to upload more than 25 episodes covering some aspects what my life’s been like being on the autistic spectrum and how much I enjoy life being on the spectrum. I like to tell a bit of my life story, give some advice to people on the spectrum and explain issues that effect people who are on the autism spectrum.

My plan is to keep getting as much videos uploaded until it’s no longer fun anymore. My aim is to also invent a dream career change through social media. I like to use almost 40 years life experience of being on the autism spectrum to become a way to create world wide autism awareness. Connect with new cool dudes who are on the spectrum from across the globe, trading our life experiences being autistic.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel “Aspie With Attitude” and I hope you enjoy my videos and my WordPress.

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